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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 163: New news, who dis?

I see you calling, but I just keep stalling...

Run Time: 1:43:00

This podcast has a long history of having news break shortly after we stop recording, especially during November and December, but even by our standards this week was impressive. Jeffrey and Greg have a lovely conversation about losing out on Ben Zobrist and the subsequent Neil Walker trade. We also answer your e-mails. Then an hour after we finished recording, the Mets signed Asdrubal Cabrera. So we picked back up 48 hours later with Jeffrey and Milo breaking down that deal and checking in on more famous Republic of Ireland soccer players and Josh Satin (not a Republic of Ireland soccer player). THEN A HALF HOUR AFTER THIS WAS FINISHED MICHAEL CUDDYER to the podcasting stations, as Jeffrey and Kate discuss that happening.

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And don't forget you can e-mail the show at, and we'll be back later this week with, at a bare minimum, hot Rule 5 draft recap action!