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Bartolo Colon's Mets contract includes Silver Slugger incentive

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The details of the veteran pitcher's contract have emerged.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets' one-year deal with Bartolo Colon includes a few incentives, per Jon Heyman, the highlight of which is undoubtedly a $50,000 bonus if the 42-year-old wins a Silver Slugger award. Colon's base salary is $7.25 million, and he can also earn a $50,000 bonus if he makes the All-Star team or if he wins the Cy Young or Gold Glove.

Colon's plate appearances have been something to cherish since he joined the Mets for the 2014 season. Having spent most of his career in the American League before that, Colon hasn't hit well, even for a pitcher, but the occasions that he has hit have been memorable.

Colon's helmet has fallen off on swings on multiple occasions, and he often carries his bat well down the first base line after making contact.

And while the Silver Slugger incentive shows that both sides here have a sense of humor—and codifies Colon's offensive performance—it's worth noting that the pitcher set out to be a better hitter after posting a .082 OPS in 2014 and finished the 2015 season with a .305 OPS. Of course, that's still a long ways from the offensive production of Madison Bumgarner, who won the award with a .755 OPS in 2014 and won it again with a .743 OPS in 2015.