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Bob Geren to leave Mets, accept job as Dodgers bench coach

Geren spent four seasons the Mets.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Geren will join the Dodgers as their bench coach, ending his three-year tenure with the Mets. Before the Dodgers hired Dave Roberts as their new manager, Geren was said to be on the list of candidates for the job.

Geren was hired as the Mets' bench coach following the 2011 season. He had started that year as manager of the Oakland A's. In his four seasons with the Mets, Geren was praised for his work and had a reputation for seeking information from the front office's analytic staff.

With a vacancy at bench coach, the Mets could very well fill their major league staff with internal options. Third base coach Tim Teufel seems like a candidate for promotion to bench coach, and Pedro Lopez, who has managed the Double-A Binghamton Mets for the past few years, could be promoted to the major league staff.