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Mets considering Alejandro De Aza for outfield

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De Aza is a new name among the Mets' outfield targets.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Mets' interest in outfielders Denard Span and Will Venable is well known, but Jerry Crasnick of ESPN is reporting that the Mets are also interested in Alejandro De Aza as a potential left-handed center fielder.

A left-handed hitter, the 31-year De Aza played for the Orioles, Red Sox, and Giants in 2015, hitting .266/.333/.422 with seven home runs, seven triples, and 17 doubles in 365 plate appearances. He only made one appearance in center field, but he has played over 100 games there as recently as 2013. De Aza will likely be a less expensive option than Span, even though Span is coming off a series of injuries in 2015. The Mets plan to meet with Span in the new year.

The Mets have been looking for a platoon partner for Juan Lagares, who continued to struggle against right-handed pitching in the 2015 season and didn't play defense in center field as well as he had in the past.