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"Tears of Joy: 2015 New York Mets" documentary airs this Sunday

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A documentary featuring the 2015 Mets' run to the World Series will air this coming Sunday at 6:00 PM on Fox Sports 1.

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Click the pictures below to check out a couple of teaser videos for "Tears of Joy", a documentary about the 2015 Mets season that's set to debut on Sunday, December 27 at 6:00 PM on Fox Sports 1.

The first link below features an interview with Daniel Murphy after his eventual home run game-winning home run in Game 5 of the National League Division Series over the Dodgers, along with a clip of Jacob deGrom playing around and lowering Murphy's chair during the post-game media session. The second video below shows the Mets' celebration after the clinching game of the National League Championship Series over the Cubs along with Terry Collins' speech to the team and an interview with Wilmer Flores.

This looks like it should be a great show, so be sure to tune in on Sunday or set your DVRs!


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