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Noah Syndergaard's family all got Big Sexy t-shirts for Christmas

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The big Mets righty celebrated Christmas by buying his family t-shirts with Bartolo Colon's face on them. Awesome.

All throughout his excellent rookie year on the mound for the Mets, Noah Syndergaard has managed to demonstrate quite a flair for social media greatness. We've documented a lot of his best tweets and posts in our Applesauce section, as well as on our Facebook page, and he clearly didn't take a break for the holidays.

Last night, Noah Syndergaard posted this gem to Instagram, featuring his family wearing matching Bartolo Colon "Big Sexy" t-shirts that he bought for them. His family looks pretty thrilled to have them, as they should be. Even Synderdog in front looks really excited!

With the way Big Noah's going, he has a chance to be a fan favorite in New York City for a long time.

The "Big Sexy" shirts were quite the hit. Glad to have the big man back this year. Merry Christmas to all! #bartolo

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