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Mets Afternoon News: We got this De Aza as a Christmas gift, can we exchange it for a Cespedes?

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Your Saturday dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news and links!

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Meet the Mets

Where do Juan Lagares and Alejandro De Aza rank among center fielders? It's not great.

How about Asdrubal Cabrera among shortstops? That's better.

Mets fans say that the team has lost the hot stove this offseason. Do you agree?

Whether you do, financial issues and bad ownership appear to have the Mets treading water.

Around the NL East

Daniel Murphy is a member of the Nationals and Federal Baseball looked at the reactions, as well as his defense.

The Phillies are NOT tanking, says The Good Phight. They're doing that "R" word the Mets were so loathe to use.

Where will the Braves play Hector Olivera on Opening Day?

Fishstripes thinks the Marlins should pursue Doug Fister this offseason.

Around the Majors

Fox is making World Series broadcasts less infuriating, a year too late sadly.

Kenta Maeda apparently was at Dodger Stadium on Thursday.

Former top Phillies prospect Greg Golson wrote about playing in the Mexican League and not giving up his dream of major league success at age 30.

Rumor has it that Marlins teammates were rooting for Jose Fernandez to fail, which was refuted by former teammates Dan Haren and Tom Koehler.

Yesterday At AA

Noah Syndergaard bought his entire family some sweet Big Sexy t-shirts for Christmas.

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