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B-Mets sold, new owner promises to keep team in Binghamton

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Evans Street Baseball Inc. has acquired the Mets' Double-A affiliate.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Binghamton Mets have been sold to a new ownership group on Monday: Evans Street Baseball Inc. The head of the group, John Hughes has promised to keep the team in Binghamton and develop NYSEG Stadium. This will be the Mets' Double-A affiliate's 25th year in Binghamton.

As of June, it was expected that the team would relocate to Wilmington, Delaware. It had been revealed that team president Mike Urda and his partners, who had owned the team for 23 years since its inception in 1992, had been courting a sale of the team for four years. When the B-Mets' prospective buyers sold the Single-A Wilmington Blue Rocks to the Texas Rangers, who signed a lease to move the team to a stadium in Kinston, North Carolina, it would have seemingly freed up Wilmington's Frawley Stadium for the former B-Mets.

But Hughes is committed to keeping the team in Binghamton, insinuating that renovations would be made to NYSEG Stadium in the team's official press release:

"I am committed to upgrading the fan experience, improving community outreach programs, and establishing NYSEG Stadium as a community jewel."