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Dodgers among teams interested in Ben Zobrist

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Four teams are said to be in on Zobrist at this point.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Dodgers are interested Ben Zobrist, says Jon Heyman. They join the Mets, the Nationals, and the Giants as Zobrist's suitors. Zobrist would be a bit of an unusual fit for the Dodgers, as they just re-signed Chase Utley to play second base next year and have considerable depth in the corner outfield.

Zobrist is, of course, the Mets' top target right now, and the team is willing to give him a four-year contract if necessary—which seems to be the case. Zobrist, who has played multiple defensive positions over the course of his major league career, is looking to primarily play second base wherever he signs, and the Mets have a vacancy at the position. The Mets took him on a tour of the area last week in their attempt to persuade him to sign with the team.

In 2015, Zobrist hit .276/.359/.450 with 13 home runs with the A's and Royals. He hit well in the playoffs, too, with a .303/.365/.515 line and two home runs. For his career, Zobrist has hit .265/.355/.431.