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ESPN ranks Mets 10th in preseason rankings

SweetSpot writer Dave Schoenfield believes the team will win a Wild Card spot.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everyone! Not every baseball analyst out there thinks the Mets will be doomed by their failure to acquire a shortstop or bullpen help this offseason. Over at ESPN, Dave Schoenfield says only nine teams will be better than our Mets in 2015. He pegs the team for 86 wins and a postseason appearance.

Like most of those bullish on the Mets, Schoenfield believes that David Wright will play much better than he did in 2014. He's also convinced that Wilmer Flores is not the worst shortstop in the history of the universe. Although Schoenfield doesn't love the Michael Cuddyer signing (he never hit above .300 before joining the Rockies), the Mets are due for a Wild Card spot because of Matt Harvey and the depth in the rotation.

Sure, we already know most of the things that need to happen for the Mets to qualify for the postseason in 2015, but it's nice to see someone neutral (Schoenfield is a Seattle fan) believe in those things. With a little bit of luck and some Amazin' magic, we could be cheering on the orange and blue well into October.

Unlike some of the other ESPN stuff we've linked to recently, this one isn't behind a pay wall, so hit up the link above to read Schoenfield's full analysis.