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Announcing the Amazin' Avenue #LoveTheMets contest finalists

We received a number of fantastic entries into our contest but there is but one Nick Evans picture to win (a Moneyball DVD and a Sandy Alderson business card, too!). Go vote now!

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Our Amazin' Avenue #LoveTheMets contest wrapped up last Sunday and we were excited to receive a number of great entries into the contest. Unfortunately, we can only pick three of them to win prizes, so here is where you come in:

The AA writing staff has chosen five finalists for you to vote on! If you haven't read them yet, read through and then vote for your favorite entry in the poll below.

Without further ado, the finalists are:

"Summer Nights in Montreal" by EricAColucci

"Root for the Mets; Spend Time with my Dad; Perfect!" by Since the Polo Grounds

"Fred and Jeff's Baseball Park" by mzvalaren

"The Nameless Grandmother" by The Nameless One

"The Tao of George" by StorkFan

Thanks again to all of the participants who sent in entries to the contest! It was tough to do but we had to leave out some really strong ones and that's a great testament to this community of Mets fans. Go vote for your favorite below! The poll will be open until Thursday evening February 5, 2015 at 5:00 PM, after which point we'll announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.