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Mets want Dillon Gee for bullpen, but pitcher wants to start

Gee understands why he's the odd man out, but he still believes in his capability as a big-league starter.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After unsuccessfully trying to move Dillon Gee throughout the offseason, the Mets are now stuck with six pitchers for five spots in their rotation. In an article today on, beat writer Mike Vorkunov offers Dillon Gee's take as the likely odd man out. According to Gee, this doesn't come as a surprise for him. Even though he hasn't had any formal talks about the issue with manager Terry Collins, Gee "understands why he would be the odd man out." However, the 28-year-old still believes in his ability to be a starter in the big leagues.

"I think I can still succeed as a starter. It's frustrating in that regard. If I stay on this team then obviously, number-wise, something is going to have to happen. I'm going to do the best I can wherever that is." - Gee on the current situation with the Mets.

Gee also said that Collins had told him to "prepare as a starter." The Mets' manager, for his part, has said that Gee would accept a bullpen role if asked. For now, Gee doesn't have a clear idea of how the Mets will proceed, but says he's fully prepared for a move in the future.