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Michael Cuddyer thinks Troy Tulowitzki would be a good fit with the Mets

Can Cuddyer's man-crush with Troy Tulowitzki bring the superstar shortstop to Queens?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Cuddyer hasn't been a Met for very long, but after talking to the media on Monday he made it very clear what he would do if he were calling the shots.

Cuddyer told the press that "There's no question in my mind he could be a fit here," talking about bringing his good friend and ex-teammate Troy Tulowitzki to the Mets, "whether or not they eventually trade him? I don't know. Nobody in baseball has a player like Tulo except for the Colorado Rockies. In my opinion, you never let a guy like that go."

Cuddyer, however, quickly backed off the statement later on, saying that salaries aren't his area of expertise. "I'm also not a front-office guy, so I don't know payroll, ins and outs of rebuilding and that nature," referencing the fact that Tulowitzki has $118 million remaining on his contract.

Troy Tulowitzki is the premier shortstop in baseball today. There's no doubt that he would make an immediate impact on the Mets and possibly put this team over the top, but don't look for him to be riding the 7-train to work anytime soon. The Mets and Rockies have talked time and time again over the course of the past six months, and nothing's happened as of yet.

Cuddyer is just going to have to learn to focus his man-crush on Wilmer Flores and pray, like the rest of the Mets fans, that he can make us forget about Troy Tulowitzki.