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Mets ownership reaches settlement with former employee Leigh Castergine

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The harassment lawsuit is now a thing of the past.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Last autumn we heard that the Mets were being sued by former marketing executive Leigh Castergine. The suit alleged that Castergine was harassed by team COO Jeff Wilpon because of her status as a single and pregnant woman.

Back then, we wondered how the conflict would affect the Mets' ownership, among other things. Could the Wilpons be kicked out of baseball for something like this? Will it further limit the team's ability to spend money? How can we continue being Mets fans if the ownership continues to behave so abhorrently?

Today, New York baseball fans were given some pleasant news, as the Mets announced a settlement with Castergine. Both sides have agreed to keep the incident in the past and discuss it no further.

The parties have decided to resolve this matter, which has brought more attention to the workplace environment for women in sports and will result in the organization being more assertive to the important issues raised by women in sports. Additionally, we are both committed to the further development and encouragement of female executives in our industry. Both sides have agreed to have no further comments.

While it is nice that we don't have to here about this nasty story any longer and that it won't continue to tarnish the Mets as an organization, it's all disturbing that the Wilpons can get involved in something like this and not be publicly scrutinized the way a different sports franchise owner might be.