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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 108: This is a sad podcast

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Jeffrey and Chris discuss Zack Wheeler's injury, spring training, the 2015 infield, and review their worst moments as Mets fans. Yeah, this one is a little blue.

The only bit of good news this week
The only bit of good news this week
Anders Gunnarsson

Run Time: 1:36:47

In the "YARD GOATS!" edition, Jeffrey and Chris actually recorded before the announcement of YARD GOATS, so this podcast is mostly full of sad things (unless you are a Swedish soccer fan). We touch on Zack Wheeler's torn UCL, discuss our most gut-punching moments as a Mets fan, and consider Wilmer Flores, Mets Opening Day shortstop (again). There are some happy things, we suppose. David Wright hit a big dong, Lucas Duda will probably be good again, and Ronny is an Amazin' Avenue reader apparently (and has some damn stylish glasses). Oh, and definitely stick around for a discussion of Aderlin Rodriguez batting practice laser shows.

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Don't forget you can email the show at And tune in next week for YARD GOATS talk for most of the show probably.

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