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Amazin' Avenue Audio presents Live at Foley's 2: Podcast Harder

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Mets and beer. What could be better?

Last summer the hosts of Amazin' Avenue Audio, the official podcast of your SB Nation New York Mets site Amazin' Avenue, had an idea. What if instead of drinking alone in our apartments while recording our podcast, we met up in a bar to drink while recording our podcast? So we did, and it was good (though the host who is also employed as an A/V specialist probably should have looked at his levels while recording).

Now at the dawn of the 2015 Mets season, we are looking for another excuse to drink (in public) while podcasting. So on Saturday, April 11 at 3 PM at Foley's on West 33rd Street in Manhattan we will bring you Live at Foley's 2: Podcast Harder. There will be more beer, more hosts, we will give away more stuff, and Eric Simon will probably promise to show up to another Amazin' Avenue event and then bail at the last second again. Regardless, we hope you will join us for this live podcast extravaganza and feel free to stick around for the Mets-Braves game at 7 PM. We probably will.