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Mets release injury updates on Daniel Murphy and Vic Black

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A little good, a little bad.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Mets right-handed reliever Vic Black began experiencing shoulder soreness in mid-March and despite clean MRI results, was shut down as a precaution. On Thursday, March 19, Daniel Murphy felt tightness in his right hamstring and has not appeared in a Grapefruit League exhibition game since. A few days later, Wilmer Flores bruised his foot after fouling a ball off of it.

The Mets have since received updates about two of those players, Murphy and Black. According to Sandy Alderson, the news regarding Murphy was "hopeful" and encouraging.  "I think it's still going to be a week or two weeks", he told reporters. "The doctors have said he's day to day—I don't really think that's [the] case—but it's going to be somewhere in that week to two week timeline."

Black's prognosis was a bit less optimistic. "I think Vic's a question mark at this point. I'm not sure where he'll be Opening Day."

The Mets have been greeted by a bevy of injuries as the march to Opening Day 2015 has crept closer and closer. It was announced in mid-March that left-handed reliever Josh Edgin would need Tommy John surgery, and days later we learned that right-handed starter Zack Wheeler tore his UCL and would also need the procedure.