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FanDuel is the official daily fantasy game of Amazin' Avenue

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Fantasy baseball, daily games, real money.

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Lucas Duda is super jazzed about fantasy baseball.
Lucas Duda is super jazzed about fantasy baseball.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I've heard from lots of folks over the years who have expressed an interest in helping to support the work we do at Amazin' Avenue. One way is to keep reading the site and disable ad blockers while you're here. Another way is to patronize any of our sponsorship partners, which is a mutually beneficial proposition when those partners offer something you're already interested in.

As with last season, this year we have an exclusive partnership with FanDuel to offer daily fantasy baseball games for real money. If you like fantasy baseball and you like playing for money, then you should try out FanDuel and, if you like it, make a deposit and play for real. It's fun and it helps keep us in business providing lots of (we think) great Mets coverage, so that's a pretty amazin' (ed. note: I'm so sorry) combination.

How does it work?

Watch this embedded internet video!

What about the fine print?

You can read FanDuel's rules here.

I just want baseball to start

So do we! And the season is really, really close. Love the Mets! #LoveTheMets