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Details of a potential Lucas Duda extension emerge

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A report from ESPN New York says a deal could be worth $31 miliion over four years.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Rubin has reported that a four-year, $31 million extension may emerge from the Mets' negotiations with first baseman Lucas Duda. He points out that the potential contract is in line with contracts that Allen Craig, Billy Butler, and Alex Gordon have recently signed.

Without some sort of extension, Duda is scheduled to be a free agent after the 2017 season and would be eligible for arbitration after each of the next two seasons. A four-year deal would allow the Mets to forestall Duda's free agency for one season, though a longer contract could still be in play.

According to the report, it is unlikely that negotiations would continue if the two sides are unable to reach a deal by Opening Day. Duda is coming off what was arguably his best statistical season, in which he hit 30 home runs and posted 3.7 bWAR, easily surpassing his career high. His long-term status with the Mets should become clearer by the end of this week.