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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 106: Starting rotation preview

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Jeffrey and Greg look at the starting pitchers on the Mets' roster and answers your emails.

Run time: 59:00

It's the starting pitching preview episode! In light of Noah Syndergaard's lunch getting tossed in the trash, we learn that if you threw out Greg's Chipotle, he would probably get in your face. Fangraphs has too many autoplay ads, and Jeffrey's computers are dead. Matt Harvey is set to return, Jeurys Familia is messing around with a changeup because that's what happens in spring training, and Zack Wheeler has room for improvement this year—even if he does not like shifts. Generally speaking, throwing 200 innings is a valuable thing, Jeffrey did alright in AP Spanish, and Jeffrey makes a Wonder Years reference that was actually a Pete and Pete reference.

And then, of course, our hosts get to your emails, one of which could not be read in full on the podcast.

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Don't forget you can email the show at And tune in next week as the previews continue and all the young players in camp eat their lunches at the appropriate times.

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