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Mets Afternoon News: Maybe David was just mad they ran out of pastrami?

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Your Wednesday morning, throwing-lunches-in-the-trash dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

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Meet the Mets

Mets baseball is back! The Mets head to Disney to take on the Braves at 1:05pm. The game will be broadcast on WOR. For starting lineups and details, click here.

John Harper says that the Mets food fight shows the team is back to a winning mentality.

Daniel Murphy spoke to reporters about Billy Bean's attendance saying that he "disagrees with his lifestyle," but is open to having a dialogue with Bean.

David Wright said that he was sorry about scolding a player while the media was around.

Sandy Alderson told the press that he's not looking to trade a pitcher at this time.

The Mets apparently took the "Take The Damn Thing" shirts that had been causing so much controversy away from players yesterday, which, you know, caused more controversy.

Owen Watson at Fangraphs is trying to imagine a world where Matt Harvey has a nasty curveball.

Bill Price says that he's starting to "get concerned with [Noah Syndergaard's] makeup." Which is, of course, a totally logical thing to say when he's never pitched a game in the Majors.

Grant Brisbee put together a fantastic piece about the unwritten rules of eating in the Mets clubhouse.

Kevin Kernan says that the Mets only chance to be champs is if David Wright takes his leadership out of the clubhouse, and onto the field.

Mike Puma writes that Jon Niese's health showed in the digits he put up on the radar gun.

Uni Watch took a look at some of Matt Harvey's outfits, and said he had "jerkitude."

On this date in Mets history: Darren Oliver played Michael Jordan one-on-one, and won!

Around the NL East

Has Ryan Howard revived himself in spring training, so far?

Federal Baseball took a look at the Nationals supposed "hole" at second base.

The Marlins may be looking to bring the recently retired Juan Pierre back as a member of their staff.

The Phillies don't expect Chad Billingsley to be ready for Opening Day.

Around the Majors

Craig Edwards at Frangraphs breaks down how each team's television and market finances impact their payroll.

Craig Calcaterra reminds us that Curt Schilling wasn't always a nice guy on social media.

Micahel Baumann at Grantland writes about the cost of keeping Kris Bryant in the minors for Super-Two status.

Sam Miller at JABO wants to know just how risky long-term extensions are.

Paul Casella at Sports on Earth writes that sometimes spring training slumps carry over into the regular season.

We've been debating it all morning at AA Headquarters; what should be the name of the new Hartford baseball team? Aaron and Jeff P. are #TeamYardGoats, while Nate is standing firm with the Hedgehogs. For the record, I'm a big supporter of the Preying Mantises. Give your thoughts below.

Yesterday at AA

Lukas Vlahos asked "which starter should pitch on Opening Day?"

Andrew Felper previewed Bartolo Colon's 2015 season, while Lukas Vlahos previewed Rafael Montero.

Justin Birnbaum profiled Matt Reynolds, as part of our Minor League Preview series.

Loic Ouimer took a look at how the Mets project on defense in 2015.

If you see a great addition to Mets Morning News, send an email to our tips address,, and we'll try to add it in!