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Mets spring training: Tony Clark, MLBPA executive director, visits

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The union official spoke to the press after his meeting with Mets players.

Chris McShane

This morning at Mets spring training, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark spoke to the press shortly after wrapping up the annual meeting between the union and Mets players. Clark was asked about a couple of popular Mets topics but did not give much in the way of detail in his responses—which is understandable given his position.

Asked about the Mets' seemingly-mandatory offseason workouts for some players, Clark reiterated what the union had said previously, which was that it monitors all teams and looked into the Mets' situation. And asked about payroll, Clark said that the union monitors all teams—not just the Mets—and looks out for the interests of its players first. When asked if he thought he would ever have to stop taking questions on the Mets' payroll, he spoke to the variables that go into team payroll and indicated there was no magic number—present or future—that was required to satisfy the union.