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This Week in Mets Quotes: Harvey on his first start back, Alderson on humor

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Har-vey’s bet-ter.

"I don’t know if I could have drawn it up any better." —Matt Harvey on his first start back from Tommy John surgery [New York Post]


"He talks the talk but he walks the walk. There's nothing wrong with that. Let's face it, that's a good combo. The talk provides some sizzle, and that's a good thing." —Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

Well that’s one way of complimenting a player…

"Today, [Harvey’s] going to be a jerk." —Terry Collins [New York Post]

…but why doesn’t someone else give it a shot.

"He’s going to be a Cy Young winner one day. And everybody knows that." —Bryce Harper [New York Post]

Said by a 22-year-old.

"He’s one of the toughest at-bats I’ve ever had." —Bryce Harper [New York Post]

Unlike Dillon Gee, who loves to.

"He was furious. The guy doesn’t like to give up a stinkin’ thing." —Terry Collins [New York Post]

Please, no one let Terry know about all the others ‘tools’ a manager could use.

"The one thing the manager has in his power is this. He's got one hammer, and that's who plays. And I'm certainly very, very lucky to have that hammer." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Right on cue.

"Here, Terry, here's your lineup for tomorrow." —Sandy Alderson []

Even prop comics?

"I enjoy humor. All types of humor." —Sandy Alderson []

But what does Dillon Gee think of Alderson’s humor?

"I like the little dry sense of humor. You have to have that a little bit in New York. Just let stuff roll off your back." —Dillon Gee []

And the captain?

"Obviously it's pretty serious trying to win baseball games but it is a game. Sometimes it's fun to whether it's poke fun at yourself or poke fun at situations. It kind of breaks up the monotony." —David Wright []

In case anyone was wondering what lineup card Alderson gave Collins.

"The '59 White Sox." —Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

Wait, Wilmer Flores’s nickname is Flo and not FloreSS?

"The only thing I wasn't pleased with was [not] getting that bunt down. That makes a big difference in the game. With Flo getting a hit after that, it probably scores that guy." —Jacob deGrom [ESPN]

As expected, a very cordial complaint by Granderson.

"It's not going to change one way or the other, but I'll go ahead and take a look at it though... I just thought it was not a strike. But, at the same time, that's just me up there as a hitter. If you ask the catcher, he'll probably think something different. If you ask the pitcher, he'll think something different. If you ask the umpire, he'll think something different. It's a judgment call regardless. He called it a strike. We've got to go ahead and adjust from there." —Curtis Granderson [ESPN]

Love how difficult it is for Zimmerman to describe Colon’s "changeup."

"[Bartolo Colon] was throwing a lot of changeups, or kind of like a changeup. He's usually a sinker and slider guy -- very rarely changeup. He was throwing those little 87-88 mph [pitches], kind of like a changeup. His changeup has been slower in the past. It was something that he's never done to all of us, and obviously he got ahead and threw strikes as well. You have to give him credit." —Ryan Zimmerman [ESPN]

But what would Colon call his pitches?

"If I threw 80 pitches, 76 were fastballs." —Bartolo Colon [ESPN]

Humble Duda is already in mid-season form.

"[Max Scherzer’s] an outstanding pitcher. We're lucky we caught a break right there. And I was lucky enough to put the ball in play and score two. It was a fastball, and I just got enough barrel on it to shoot it in the outfield." —Lucas Duda [ESPN]

Looks like Mejia avoided another ‘hairy situation’…I’ll show myself out.

"[Jenrry Mejia] was very scared the other day when his elbow tightened up on him. We're glad that he's OK. We'll just fill in until he gets back." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Why does this surprise anyone? Mejia is always hurt. It is time to give up. Every time I watch him, he makes me nervous. Familia would be a much better closer. Also, if we are going to waste Montero in the pen, why not try him out? Mejia has shown nothing to make real Mets fans sad about this injury. Just another in a long line of injuries to a fading prospect." —Pegasus Snappers

AA Quote of the Week

"Thornton will get his chance at some point, injuries and ineffectiveness will happen." —pegleg52

"Not to mention that we can't expect them to scrape by with just 8 relievers for very long" —loopenarK