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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 1—Duda's abiding, d'Arnaud is hitting, and this David Wright looks familiar

Let's review the performance of the Mets' hitters over the first week of the season.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets' offense did not exactly start the regular season by hitting the cover off the ball. Given their competition, that was at least somewhat understandable. There were certainly some bad performances among the group, but the team's best hitters hit well enough for the Mets to come home with a 3-3 record on the season.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Michael Cuddyer, LF -- Cuddy’s first week with the Mets didn’t go as well at the plate as his spring training did, but his home run yesterday saves his from the red arrow here.
Travis d’Arnaud, C -- Coming off a second half in which he hit very well, d’Arnaud got off to a great start by hitting .333/.368/.444. That’s good for a 149 wRC+, and he did that without drawing a walk or hitting any home runs.
Lucas Duda, 1B -- The Dude was benched once with a left-handed pitcher starting against the Mets but made the most of his 23 plate appearances by hitting .381/.435/.429 with a 170 wRC+. If the Mets platoon Duda and Mayberry properly, Duda’s overall stats could look pretty great this year.
Wilmer Flores, SS -- Let’s just pretend that week didn’t happen and start Flores’s season over.
Curtis Granderson, RF -- It’s tough to knock a guy who posted a .348 on-base percentage, which is pretty good these days, but Granderson hit .063 with no extra-base hits. the walks are good, especially in the leadoff spot with David Wright hitting second, but this wasn’t the ideal Granderson week.
Juan Lagares, CF -- Having hit .160/.160/.160 for the week, there’s really no choice here. He’ll hit better than that the rest of the way, of course.
John Mayberry, OF -- I’ll admit that I never realized Mayberry had awesome numbers against lefties until the Mets signed him. He had quite a first week in his role, too, with a .625 slugging percentage and a 192 wRC+ in nine plate appearances.
Daniel Murphy, 2B -- Sure, Murphy hit a go-ahead sacrifice fly yesterday, but his overall line was bad. He didn’t look particularly sharp in the field, either. Let’s hope this first week was effectively Murphy’s spring training and he returns to normal form in short order.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF -- Judging a player by a handful of plate appearances is tough, but such is the nature of Meter Avenue.
Anthony Recker, C -- In his lone appearance for the week, Recker went 0-for-2 but drew two walks. Alright.
Ruben Tejada, IF -- He went hitless in five trips to the plate. Meh.
David Wright, 3B -- Wright came out of the gate by hitting .320/.346/.440 with a home run and a 142 wRC+. More of this all year, please!

All stats from April 6 through April 12