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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 113: Live at Foley's and #weirdbaseball

Double live! Well, half live and half recorded. I mean, it all was recorded technically.

Run Time: 2:04:03

In the "Live at Foley's 2: Podcast Harder" edition, Jeffrey, Chris, and Greg are Live at Foley's. And podcasting (harder). After a brief soujorn into terrible 90's music, it's time to preview the Mets minor league affiliates, or at least drool over the St. Lucie roster. Next, Ted Berg from USA Today (?!) joins the show to discuss the magic of small sample sizes, Jeff Francoeur, and Taco Bell breakfast. Then, Jeffrey butchers the Shortstop Avenue Audio theme after three beers, but we discuss Wilmer Flores' woes and reconsider some recent e-mails. That should be it, but the Mets played an incredibly weird baseball game last night, so look for the hidden track where Greg and Jeff discuss weird defense, weird pitch selection, and weird baseball.

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Don't forget you can email the show at We'll be back next week when maybe, just maybe, the Mets will still be good.

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