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This Week in FanShots & FanPosts: The Beginning

You asked your robot overlords for more focus on user-generated posts, so now we'll be bringing you the best of each week in fan-generated content!

Many have rightfully lamented the loss of focus on user-generated content that came along with the more recent site redesigns here at Amazin' Avenue. While these design changes are meant to deliver you up-to-date content regarding everyone's (at least everyone who matters) favorite New York baseball squadron as it happens, we understand that there have been some unintended changes in how content is discovered here.

This is a site built on the original and creative work of Mets fans all over, and we wanted to find a way to highlight the fantastic—and sometimes ridiculous—posts generated by you, the fans. As such we have decided to put together a weekly (or more if we get enough content) feature that shines a spotlight on some of the content made by the Amazin' Avenue community, so they an be enjoyed by everyone. Never let it be said that the robot overlords aren't benevolent. With that in mind, I'm happy to bring you the first edition of "This Week in FanShots & FanPosts"!

Spike didn't start the fire...
We would be remiss if we didn't mention the FanPost that renewed this discussion to begin with. All hail Spike Davis, who has reminded us that without MSPaintz, we are nothing. Even if his post should have been a FanShot...

A swing of beauty is a joy forever
While Steve Schreiber generates FanShots faster than Juan Lagares chases down fly balls, nobody can argue that watching Bartolo Colon collect an RBI isn't a thing of beauty!

Any questions?
For the trivia-minded, LSUToast also continued with this quiz series, giving us a brain teaser about which Mets pitchers have started a home opener. Can you name them all?

This artwork is the bomb!
FlushtownFandom went back to Amazin' Avenue's roots and MSPainted a vivid picture of the explosive nature of Rookie of the Year winner Jacob deGrom's domination of the Phillies. The rec count should be blowing up for this one!

Getting a good read on the ball...
A baseball Literary League (I think it uses standard Yahoo! scoring for a literary league...) has been suggested by LaRomaBella, looking for people to join her in reading words outside of Amazin' Avenue for some inexplicable reason. We'll let it slide because she suggests some great books.

You Colonly live once
Starless reminds us that while you only live once, we should enjoy every moment as much as Bartolo Colon enjoys an at-bat.

The best prescription for facing the Nationals is apparently Ian Desmond
In a brief recap of the week, Flyover Faithful described the Mets' battle against a pharmacy chain that has plagued them in recent years.

K9 doesn't just describe Matt Harvey's game against the Nationals
And finally, the FanShot-generating machine that is Steve Schreiber brought back everyone's favorite fluffy Mets stand-ins with the long-awaited return of Puppy Avenue. Special credit to RADickeyinabox for the insanely accurate Jerry Blevins dog.

So welcome everyone to the first installment of This Week in FanPosts/FanShots. I hope you enjoyed, and we look forward to seeing what you all have for us in the coming week!

You can find all of the latest FanPosts—and submit your own—right here. Likewise, FanShots can be viewed and submitted right here. Don't have an Amazin' Avenue account yet? Sign up here.