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When the Mets going good makes you lose your mind a little

The author is regressing into a child-like state in the wake of the Mets' six-game winning streak

Al Bello/Getty Images

Six-game winning streak = Ren and Stimpy searches on YouTube. For me, anyway. Ren and Stimpy take me to a simpler, goofier time in my life when Powdered Toast Man and The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen were routinely discussed over bike rides and LOLs, and when "Don’t Wizz on the Electric Fence" was the ballad of the times.

When the Mets are going good like they have been over the past six(!) games, I get a little weird, and I regress a little bit—no big deal for a grown-ass man with a full-time job and responsibilities, right? Whatever. Whether it’s cool or not, when the Mets are going good, ten-year-old Nate makes a mini appearance, and if he isn’t wearing his "Don’t Have a Cow, Man" t-shirt, his calf-high sweat socks, and his fuchsia drawstring shorts, well then, maybe he’s wishing he was.

Maybe not the shorts. It was like 1990, people.

The Mets were pretty good in 1990. We don’t yet know if the 2015 Mets are, but they’re off to a good start, and that’s good enough for me on a Friday night. Love the Mets, Love the Mets, Love the Mets.