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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 2—Cuddyer, Tejada, and Duda rake

A review of the Mets' position players over the past week.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As a team, the Mets have hit .251/.326/.365 so far this season. That might not sound like much, but it’s good for a 101 wRC+ that ranks twelfth in all of baseball. Remove pitchers from the equation, and they’re at 109 wRC+ and rank seventh. And at 4.38 runs scored per game, the Mets rank fifth in the National League. Combined with some pretty good pitching, that’s been enough for a 10-3 start to the season, one of the best in franchise history.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Eric Campbell, IF -- The fill-in third baseman for David Wright for the time being, Campbell hit just .250/.333/.250, but he drove in three runs at some key times.
Bartolo Colon, P A pitcher on the hitter meter! We’ll review Colon’s ups and downs with the bats now and from here on out. He drove in a run in the first week and did it again this week, this time on a sacrifice fly that was hit pretty well.
Michael Cuddyer, LF Cuddyer raked in six games, hitting.476/.522/.714 with a 256 wRC+ for the week. The guy can hit.
Travis d’Arnaud, C d’Arnaud was nothing short of excellent, posting a 169 wRC+ for the week and looking sharp behind the plate, too. Unfortunately he’s going to be out a little while after suffering a broken right hand when he was hit by a pitch yesterday.
Lucas Duda, 1B The Dude hit .304/.346/.609 with a couple of home runs and continued his torrid start to the season.
Wilmer Flores, SS With a couple of home runs and a 193 wRC+, Flores was one of the team’s best regular hitters.
Curtis Granderson, RF With a .200/.333/.200 week, Granderson avoided making outs at a decent rate, but he is still without an extra-base hit this season.
Juan Lagares, CF After a tough first week at the plate, Lagares looked much better in this one. He hit .385/.429/.423. If—and it’s definitely an if for now—Lagares adds good offense to his game, he’s going to be a remarkable player.
John Mayberry Jr., OF Mayberry only got two plate appearances, but he got on base in one of them.
Danny Muno, IF -- The first Mets draft pick under Alderson to appear for the Mets—and second to reach the big leagues shortly after Logan Verrett did with the Texas Rangers—Muno got a hit in his first plate appearance, which was his only one for the week. Congrats, Danny!
Daniel Murphy, 2B The slash line was ugly, but if Campbell gets a sideways arrow, Murphy does, too, as he plated three runs that mattered.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF With a -56 wRC+ in 9 plate appearances, it was a rough week.
Anthony Recker, C He didn’t play a ton, of course, but he did get on base at a .667 clip.
Ruben Tejada, IF He only played in three games, but Tejada trolled his detractors pretty hard with a Bondsian .429/.556/.714 line for the week. Talk about fun with small sample sizes.
David Wright, 3B In the first two games of the week, Wright kept up his great early hitting for the season. But a strained right hamstring sidelined him after that. Here’s hoping he is back soon.

All stats are from April 13 through April 19.