Quiz XIV : Can you name the pitchers who have struck out Kirk Nieuwenhuis?

I know this sounds like a very random subject for a quiz. However, the idea came to me indirectly from another AA member.

A few days/weeks (I cannot remember as my days are all rolled into one thanks to parenthood 2.0) someone had commented something about who struck out Cap'n Kirk to which someone else replied something to the effect of: "Answer: Every pitcher who has faced him."

So this got me thinking, how many pitchers have struck out the Cap'n? The answer: 130.

So without further adieu, I give you Quiz XIV! Your challenge (which you must accept because I said so; that and you are all gluttons for punishment) is to name every MLB pitcher who has had the pleasure of striking out Nieuwenheis. This runs from his first at bat with the Mets to Game 16 of 2015 versus the Atlanta Braves.


Quiz: Can you name the pitchers who have struck out Kirk Nieuwenhuis?

Answers: 130

Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty level: 23.273457621/10


Good luck! You will definitely need it on this one...

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