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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 115: The B-Mets and Squee! Mets!

Are the Mets good? Part Two. And then things get a little dark in the e-mails.

Run Time: 1:07:05

In the "Well, we're here" edition, there is more talk about the 2015 Mets. This podcast has long been concerned with Carlos Gomez, and Jeffrey is interested again. Greg does not entirely understand what consitutes an extreme pro wrestling stipulation, but that can be forgiven we guess. We also stil don't know if the Mets are good, but the attitude towards this season versus "building a sustainable winner" may have to start changing. Oh, and Jeffrey went to Manchester, NH and watched some bad Double-A baseball in the freezing cold. There was good coffee though. We also answer your e-mails and things get a little dark, but they perk up for your weekly IFK Gotenborg update.

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