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Juan Lagares's bat has been Juanderful for the Mets

Last year, Juan Lagares was known for his glove. This year, Lagares is starting to become known for his bat, as well.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Ramos throws an 82 MPH slider to the plate. Juan Lagares watches the ball go into the glove and the umpire just steps back and readies himself for the next pitch. One ball, no strikes, bases loaded, and the New York Mets are down 3-0. Ramos winds up and throws a 93 MPH fastball to the heart of the strike zone. Lagares reads it and turns on it in less than a second and watches the ball carry to deep center field. Marcell Ozuna fields the ball and rockets it to the cutoff man as Curtis Granderson scores. Lagares is the only man on base, the other three Mets have scored.

With one swing, Lagares gets his first hit of the night and the Mets tie the game 3-3.

Last year, Lagares wasn't being touted for his bat. It was his glove that made noise as he jumped, dove, and flew, sometimes defying gravity and physics to record an out or using his bionic arm to throw out baserunners. His efforts got him a Gold Glove, but the past two weeks have seen him doing far more than just flashing the leather.

Since April 13, Lagares has hit .373/.387/.458 in 62 plate appearances. And it's not just that he is hitting the ball better, but he is hitting the ball when it matters.

Before Daniel Murphy hit the go-ahead home run in the top of the ninth inning on Monday, Lagares came to the plate and hit a leadoff double. On Tuesday, Lagares's three-run double accounted for all of the Mets' runs in the game. After the Yankees snapped the Mets' win streak and Lagares's hit streak, Lagares went six-for-eight in the final two games of the Subway Series.

Lagares is on a nice streak at the plate and Mets fans hope he will continue to do so. He still needs to improve his plate discipline so he can increase his on-base percentage, as he has the fewest number of walks among Mets starters with just two in the month of April.

But for now, let's celebrate how Juanderful his bat has been the past couple of weeks.