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Updating the 2015 Mets "King of Spring Training" race (week four)

With just two games left in the Mets' exhibition season, we'll update the 2015 King of Spring Training race for the final time this spring.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Save for the final two games in Texas tonight and tomorrow, 2015 Mets spring training is in the books. It was a great spring not only for the team but for King of Spring Training candidates, as the "irregulars" combined to put up some gaudy offensive lines. Unfortunately, there weren't many standout offensive performances from this crew over the past week. Without further ado, let's run down the finalists for our 2015 King of Spring Training award. Make sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page, as the winner will be crowned the 2015 KOST!

Kirk Nieuwenhuis (Stock: Falling)

How the mighty have fallen! Captain Kirk continues to see his stock drop and his OPS is actually below Eric Campbell's now after pacing the team for the first few weeks of the spring. The strikeouts have come back fast and furious, and his overall spring line of .328/.418/.414 is still good but a far cry from what it was.

Matt den Dekker

Traded to the Nationals for Jerry Blevins

Eric Campbell (Stock: Holding)

Campbell has hung in on this race just like he's hung onto a roster spot (though that may also be in jeopardy). At .241/.359/.500, Campbell hasn't fallen from last week but he also didn't have a really strong case to begin with. He seems more like a down-ballot KOST, which in reality is probably only slightly worse than being the actual KOST.

John Mayberry Jr (Stock: Holding)

The veteran outfielder hit another home run, his fourth of the spring, and kept his overall hitting line in the stratosphere. At .429/.482/.714, Mayberry is the statistical leader for this award. But in order to vote for the KOST, you also have to feel the vote come from your heart. Is John Mayberry the KOST of your heart? I just made that up but hey, maybe it'll make you question voting for John Mayberry.

Johnny Monell (Stock: Holding)

Monell did little to hurt his KOST standing over the past week, as his line sits at .326/.354/.630 for the exhibition season. We may have unfairly written off Monell a week ago in this space, so we apologize for that. Johnny Monell is a solid KOST contender.

Matt Reynolds (Stock: Rising)

Reynolds had himself a strong week, pushing his overall spring line up to .391/.408/.609. The infielder also won the organization's John Murphy award as the top rookie in Mets camp. That award is probably more official than the KOST award but still not as good. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

Wilmer Flores (Stock: Falling)

Down to .283/.302/.483 on the spring, Wilmer's KOST bid looks to be closed. That's not a bad line over a full season but the KOST needs to tear the cover off the ball. Flores did that for a little while but he's cooled off lately.

Danny Muno (Stock: Falling)

Muno came on strong a week ago but saw his KOST stock drop a tad over the past week. Still hitting a robust .340/.411/.460 for the spring, Muno isn't a bad contender for the crown but probably isn't a favorite at this point. He also may be headed back to Las Vegas should Daniel Murphy be ready for Opening Day.