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2015 Mets origins

How did the 2015 Mets get here? Draft, trade, or free agency?

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a list of players on the Mets' Opening Day roster and how they originally joined the Mets organization. Players on the DL are omitted.


Jacob deGrom (2010)
Lucas Duda (2007)
Dillon Gee (2007)
Sean Gilmartin (2014) [Rule 5]
Matt Harvey (2010)
Daniel Murphy (2006)
Jon Niese (2005)
Kirk Nieuwenhuis (2008)
David Wright (2001)


Jerry Blevins (2015)
Travis d'Arnaud (2012)
Alex Torres (2015)

Free Agency

Buddy Carlyle (2014)
Bartolo Colon (2013)
Michael Cuddyer (2014)
Curtis Granderson (2013)
John Mayberry Jr. (2014)
Anthony Recker (2012) [waiver claim]
Carlos Torres (2012)

International Free Agency

Jeurys Familia (2007)
Wilmer Flores (2007)
Juan Lagares (2006)
Jenrry Mejia (2007)
Rafael Montero (2011)
Ruben Tejada (2006)