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Bartolo Colon threw a ton of fastballs on Opening Day

A quick look at how Colon was pitching yesterday against the Nationals.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

When it comes to breaking down Bartolo Colon's repertoire, there aren't many surprises. The 41-year-old has relied very heavily on throwing fastballs since his unexpected return to success a few years back, and he threw them quite often even when he was younger. Here's what he threw in his first start of the season yesterday, per Brooks Baseball.

Four-seam fastball: 32
Sinker: 45
Slider: 9

Between the two types of fastballs, Colon used them 89.5 percent of the time. Even by his standards in recent years, that's a lot. That leaves his slider usage yesterday at 10.5 percent, also a higher rate than he's used it before. The difference, according to the data at Brooks, is that Colon didn't throw any changeups in the outing. While it's been his third pitch over the past few years, he almost always uses the pitch a handful of times per start.

That fastball averaged 92.17 miles per hour yesterday, which isn't particularly notable in 2015 but is higher than where Colon sat for most of last season. Of course, he started last year throwing at a similar velocity before it gradually declined over the course of the season. Yesterday's start is the lone dot all the way to the right here.

Obviously Colon doesn't depend on blowing hitters away with his fastball. But it's good to see he threw just about as hard as he did in the early going last season, even though he will soon turn 42 years old. It'll be interesting to see how that holds up over the course of the rest of the year.