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This Week in FanShots & FanPosts: Let's banish this one to the phantom zone

It's been a rough week for Mets fans, but we're a resilient bunch. Time to shake off some tough games with some great user content!

Sure, the Mets might have struggled a bit with an injury-depleted team, but they are still first in the National League East.  So cheer up and enjoy some great contributions by the Amazin' Avenue community.

I wish I could fly around the Earth backwards fast enough to see this again for the first time
Illnagas banished any bad feelings from the week faster than Terry Collins banishes players to his doghouse.  After his error tonight, it might take a nuclear device to free Wilmer Flores from the Phantom Bench.

Making the most of his MLB opportunities, Captain Kirk plans to strike (out) while the iron is hot.
Ever wonder how many pitchers have put the K in Kirk?  LSUToast gives us a quiz that tests your knowledge of pitchers that have accomplished this feat.  Can you name them all, or will they strike you out as well?

Science needs to get to work cloning the GKR broadcast team.
Is baseball boring?  MookieTheCat gives the correct answer.  "No!"  However, the presentation of the sport could probably use a fresh coat of paint to excite a new generation of fans.

Matt Harvey is harder to find than an invisible six foot, three-and-a-half inch tall rabbit
Can you pick Matt Harvey out of a crowd?  FlushtownFandom uncovers some stealthy Matt Harvey cameos at various locations in a rapidly expanding collection of "Where's Harvey?" puzzles.

I got better!
Daniel Convery talks about how he re-found the forest for the trees after delving a bit too deeply into the sabermetric side of baseball. Remember kids, if you're going to use statistics, use them responsibly.

And god crafted man in his Bartolown image
What did the first humans look like?  Cory Braiterman suggests that the original ideal of mankind may have resembled the Mets most fun-to-watch free swinging pitcher.

Those are my picks for this week, keep the great posts coming!