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Mets Trade Rumors: Troy Tulowitzki to discuss trade request with his agent on Thursday

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Talented Rockies' shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is said to be mulling a trade request and is going to discuss the possibility with his agent on Thursday. If the star shortstop hits the market, could the Mets be a player given Wilmer Flores's early defensive issues?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Troy Tulowitzki trade winds may once again begin to swirl, as reports say the Rockies' shortstop is pondering whether to ask for a trade out of Colorado. The Rockies' incredibly talented, yet oft-injured, franchise shortstop is said to be preparing to discuss the possibility of a trade with his agent Paul Cohen at a meeting in Los Angeles on Thursday. If the sides ask the Rockies for a one-way ticket out of town, it could be fortunate timing for the Mets should they ultimately decide to pursue an upgrade at the position.

After offseason hip surgery due to a labrum injury that short-circuited an outstanding 2014 season, Tulowitzki has come back hitting .307/.317/.495 for the Rockies in 28 games. His line includes 13 doubles and 2 home runs, overall good for a 103 wRC+. The biggest negative for Tulowitzki at the plate early on is an uncharacteristically low walk rate, as he's only walked twice all season. The news via Fangraphs' new batted ball stats is better, however, as he's making hard contact 45.6% of the time, which would be a career high over a full season. Defensively, the small sample defensive metrics have graded him a bit below average thus far but the shortstop still has a long history of Gold Glove caliber defensive play up the middle.

Incumbent shortstop Wilmer Flores, meanwhile, has already had a number of defensive issues through the season's first month, making 7 errors in the field and struggling with both routine throws and ground balls. In addition, Flores's bat has been lukewarm, with his overall line sitting at .242/.296/.418 to go along with 4 doubles and 3 home runs. That's good for a 101 wRC+, putting him in the top 10 among shortstops in the league and not far behind Tulowitzki's output early on in 2015. The biggest questions involve asking just how much Flores' defense detracts from his overall value.

Like it or not, it sounds like this certainly won't be the last time we hear of Tulowitzki trade rumors (and it's clearly not the first either). It'll sure be interesting to see how all of this unfolds over the coming months and whether the Mets decide to get involved.