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This Week in FanShots & FanPosts: Thorsday on a Tuesday?

Noah Syndegaard made his debut this week with decent results, but the Mets offense decided to take the Cubs series off. Our Amazin' Avenue community, on the other hand, was still hard at work creating insightful and amusing posts for Mets fans.

The Cubs broke out the brooms against us this week, but the Mets are still clinging to first place in the division, and Juan Lagares, David Wright, and Travis d'Arnaud should return soon. While we're waiting for them, we might as well enjoy some Fanshots and Fanposts!

The thunder of (radar) guns tore me apart, I've been thunderstruck.
Adam Halverson is excited that the God of Thunder will be coming soon to a stadium near you!  Rated PG for intense pitching performances and pitch movement not suitable for young children.

Rated "Argh" for offensive languish.
Will the return of David Wright and Travis d'Arnaud mean the end of our offensive woes?  While it will almost certainly help, cpins takes a look at some other positions where the Mets offense may have taken a step backwards compared to last season.

Now they know, you talking about the Hammer, you talking about a show!
"Stop, Hammer time!" proclaimed FlushtownFandom, probably in order to tell everyone to drop whatever they were doing and watch the Mets top prospect make his major league debut.

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
garik16 breaks down Noah Syndegaard's "hammer" curveball using PitchFX, and finds out (spoiler alert!!!) it's not a curve at all! Whatever you call it, it's impressive to see.

Is it a tragedy or a comedy?  With the Mets that's a complicated question.
ManginaMonologues put on a one man play about a day in the life of the Mets clubhouse.

Let's hope the future doesn't look like this past series.
The Mets and the Cubs appear to be in similar stages of rebuilding, using distinctly different strategies.  TheSkiReport compares the present and future state of both clubs, and notes the future looks bright for both.

That's all for this week's roundup.  Let's hope a series with the Brewers is just what we need to give us some more cheerful fodder for next week's collection!