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This Week in FanShots & FanPosts: Platoon Split Personality

A winning home stand cures all that ails you. If that wasn't enough medicine, have a dose of FanShots and FanPosts. Trust me, I'm a doctor!

The Mets are back to their winning ways despite a couple back-to-back rough outings against the Cardinals. Fanshots all around to celebrate!

The Mets bullpen is stacked right now!
The Mets have secretly been hiding three pitchers in their bullpen, stuffed into a single uniform.  Steve Shreiber demonstrates how stacking miniature pitchers is the new market inefficiency

Sometimes "left" can be a real cool hand
Speaking of splits, Lucas Duda continues to not care what hand is dealing these days.  A point hojojohnson does not fail to communicate.

Jacob deGrom needs to stay functional too, he's too important
The future is bright for Mets pitching, and if anyone knows, it's the K-1000 unit known as Jacob deGrom.  As the unknown future rolls towards us, FlushtownFandom faces it for the first time with a sense of hope.

The reward to risk ratio is too low
Tulomania continues to spread through the Mets fanbase, as fans seek an upgrade at shortstop. Steve Schreiber suggests we change the site logo to load this image instead.

Quiet week for Fanposts, I'm assuming this means next week will have some truly remarkable analysis for us to enjoy.