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Mets injury update: David Wright travels to California to see a back specialist

The Mets' captain has flown out to California to see world renowned back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets aren't messing around when it comes to the rehab of their captain. David Wright has traveled to California to work with famed spinal surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

The Mets are taking it slowly with their star third baseman by shutting him down for the next week while he does some physical therapy out west and the Mets can get a clearer picture of what kind of timeline they will be looking at. Sandy Alderson said yesterday that it will be at least two or three days until they can get another update on his injury.

This is the first time that Wright will be meeting Dr. Watkins in person. So far Alderson has said that the Mets and Wright are not looking at surgery as an option, but are waiting to see the extent of the injury before making any major decisions. However, if the Mets do need to find a long-term solution at third base that isn't Wright, Alderson said that the Mets are exploring all possibilities.

"Offensively we’ve been challenged now for a period of time... so we continue to look inside the organization for someone who can give us a lift. We will and have been looking outside the organization as well, this is not the time of year when most clubs are looking to make deals."

"Typically the players who become available now are designated for assignment or what have you. There is usually a reason they have been designated for assignment. So while yes, we continue to canvas what is available, I think realistically we have to get the job done with what we have, at least in the near term."

One of those internal options is Danny Muno, who was called up and started on Monday, going 0-for-4 in the Mets' 6-3 win over the Phillies. Alderson also talked about Matt Reynolds, the Mets' infield prospect who is tearing it up with Triple-A Las Vegas and is making his case to be on the MLB roster.

There is nobody who is taking this injury harder than David Wright. Wright is reportedly frustrated with the uncertainty of the injury, and the indefinite timetable for his return only adds to that. Michael Cuddyer echoes Wright's frustration and thinks it's warranted.

"We're all frustrated for him. On a personal level it stinks."Frustrating at the situation. It's frustrating and it's frustrating for him. For the same reason: not knowing. It's tough. Any time it's an indefinite – you don't know. Broken arm, you know six weeks. Hamstring, you know, probably, three weeks. The back thing with him now, you just don't know. It's the frustration of the unknown."

Hopefully the Mets will know more about Wright's injury later this week and all news will be positive, but right now Mets fans have to sit and wait, just like David Wright.