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Mets injury update: David Wright's contract is insured

The Mets are covered if the third baseman misses significant time.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the event that David Wright misses significant time because of his back injury, his contract is insured, according to Ken Rosenthal. Specifically, if Wright misses 60 days, the Mets are insured for 75 percent of the value of his contract during the time he misses. As Rosenthal points out, it would obviously be preferable for Wright to get back to the field sooner than that.

Given the unknown nature of Wright's injury, which was initially diagnosed as spinal stenosis, it's difficult to estimate how much time Wright will miss. He last played on April 14, though, which means he's not all that far away from reaching the 60 days required for the insurance policy to kick in.

Wright is making $20 million this year as part of a contract extension that runs through 2020. Depending on how much time Wright misses, the Mets could end up getting a significant portion of that money back. That would at least theoretically give the team the ability to acquire players to help make up for Wright's absence—whether at third base or elsewhere on the roster—with a reduced or no effect on the net payroll for this season.