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David Wright leads the Mets in All-Star votes

The first set of ballot results for the NL All-Star Game voting was released today, and the Mets did not fare well.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

For the first time since voting opened, results were released today for National League All-Star ballots. Many see the current system as a mere popularity contest, and these first results justify that claim perfectly. Four Cardinals players lead the way at their respective positions, backed by one of the strongest fan bases in baseball. Meanwhile, many deserving candidates may be denied a shot at starting the game, some of which don't even appear within the top five for their position (or 15 for outfielders).

Sadly, that is the case for the Mets this year. Only one player from the Amazins appears in the top five at their respective position. David Wright is fourth among NL third baseman with 327,319 votes. St Louis's Matt Carpenter is running away with the position, leading second-place Kris Bryant by over half a million votes.

While they play in the biggest market in all of MLB, the Mets just can't seem to get any love from a national perspective. Such is the life of sharing a city with the Yankees. Even if a Met does not get the start, they still have a number of candidates to be selected as reserves. The best bets right now seem to be Matt HarveyLucas Duda, and potentially even Juan Lagares, though the latter's offensive ineptitude this season may put a damper on his All-Star hopes.

This year's game will take place July 14 at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio.