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Mets bats struggle with strikeouts in May

After a hot start is April, the Mets limped their way through May

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets struggled to make their way through May this season after a scorching hot start to their April. One of the most surprising notes was the Mets' incredibly high strikeout percentage. The Mets have the third highest strikeout percentage in baseball behind only the Cubs and the Astros.

Most teams with a high number of strikeouts hit a lot of home runs. The Astros and the Cubs rank second and eighth in the Major League in home runs respectively. Meanwhile, the Mets hit the eighth most home runs in the National League during May with a measly 25, which is shockingly nine more than they hit in April.

"We've been  a team that's struck out a lot," Terry Collins told "Early in the year when we were in that streak one of the things that we talked about was that we were making such good contact."

During Wednesday's game, the Mets displayed a formula that almost guarantees success. They struck out only four times and hit four home runs including a 430-foot bomb to left-center from rookie pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Lucas Duda now has five homers in his previous six games and will look to keep swinging a hot bat against the Marlins. With the return of Travis d'Arnaud set for next week in San Diego, the Mets' offensive numbers should begin trending upwards one again.