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This Week in Mets Quotes: Everyone on Syndergaard's home run, everyone loves Bartolo

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Can we stop losing games we're supposed to lose?

"You’ve got to win games you’re supposed to win. We go back the last couple of years we have run into teams that weren’t playing well and we did not play well against them. We need to play well. It helps we are as familiar with the Phillies as we are." -Terry Collins [New York Times]

I always figured that Thundergods were immune to shock.

"I was running around the bases like, ‘What happened?’ I kind of shocked myself." -Noah Syndergaard on his first major league home run [New York Times]

Or Mets batters, amirite?...

"That was impressive. That’s a long way to hit a ball. You don’t see too many pitchers do that." -Michael Cuddyer [New York Post]

...kind of sad that I am right.

"He’s 6-7, 245 [pounds], I’m hoping he can hit them that far. We had guys on the bench—some of our hitters—saying, ‘I can’t hit the ball that far.’ He’s a big, strong kid." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Harvey would still be in the batters box admiring his home run; not Noah, he's putting his horned helmet on and getting back to work.

"My main focus is just on the mound right now. Anything beyond that is extra." -Noah Syndergaard [New York Post]

But what about the win?

"The most important thing is we got the win. I went out there and tried to keep us in a position to win. And we got the win."-Jacob deGrom [ESPN]

It's not better for the fans. (With a rotation that has Harvey, Thor, deGrom and Colon; I see Niese in Pittsburgh.)

"They all understand why we’re doing [a six man rotation]; to convince them to do it, we’ll see what happens. It is better for the player, it’s better for the organization — at least until we get to where we feel that we have plenty of innings left in September and still have the possibility of having innings left in October." -Dan Warthen [New York Times]

Dillon Gee's reaction to the six-man rotation is pretty much my reaction to anything as a Rammstein listening, hormonal teenager.

"It's fine. Whatever." -Dillon Gee [Press & Sun Bulletin]

You can go ahead and fill in the replaced words in the comment section.

"We are heading in the wrong direction. Yes we are. If our bats don't come around, we're going to be in deep (crap). That's just the bottom line. It doesn't do anything if you walk seven, eight times per game but you don't get good at bats with men in scoring position. Then you're going to be in deep (crap). We've got to turn this (expletive deleted) around. Somehow we've got to do it. Either we get new players in or we do something." -B-Mets manager Pedro Lopez [Press & Sun Bulletin]

Flores continued, 'Pitching is pitching. Baserunning is baserunning.'

"Defense is defense and offense is offense. You have to separate all those things. If you have a bad at-bat, you have to be ready for a ground ball." -Wilmer Flores [Newsday]

These games don't matter, but yeah, they totally do.

"It’s New York, there is drama. We’ve still got what, [117]? It used to be that was a lot of games and when you’re two games out of first, I think it’s safe to say it’s not a critical juncture, but we’ve got to turn it around now." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

I think the internet would've blown up.

"Don't forget to tag up on a deep fly ball. Or just steal third." -Curtis Granderson on first giving advice to Bartolo Colon on second []

In a country divided by the two party system, here's something everyone can agree on.

"[Bartolo Colon's] always entertaining." -Anthony Recker []

"Must-see TV." -Michael Cuddyer []

When Barolo is happy, everyone should be happy.

"I'm really happy and surprised that I'm pitching the way I'm pitching." -Bartolo Colon []

Well, somebody needed to be a wet blanket...

"We know he hates to hit. We also know he hates to run. So it's a bad combo when he's out there." -Terry Collins  []

...Mr. Colon, the floor is yours.
"I just love to hit it." -Bartolo Colon []

Being like Bartolo Colon is a solid choice whether on or off the field.

"I just try to pound the zone with the sinker. I can take some off, just like Bartolo [Colon] does if you watch him. It's just working off that fastball and trying to get early contact." -Rob Whalen [ESPN]

No way, THE Scott Strickland!

"I was 8 years old and I went to a Mets Baseball Academy camp, I want to say in Great Neck or Little Neck, New York. I don't think they do it anymore. I remember meeting Mookie Wilson out there, playing catch with Scott Strickland and younger guys. I won, it was called, the Tom Seaver Most Outstanding Pitcher award. I was the only guy who got it that year. I wasn't even a pitcher then. I just could throw really hard for being 8 years old. It's a cool memory. And I still have that little medal." -Rob Whalen [ESPN]

Better grab the LetsGoMatz SB Nation handle now before he proves this scout right.

"He’s ready for a higher league. Syndergaard was still pretty raw in Vegas last year. There’s nothing raw about Matz." -Scout [New York Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Seriously Michael Cuddyer is worse than hitler. I have no idea why the fuck Sandy signed him" -bmd456

AA Quote of the Week

"Please, baseball gods, let David play out his 30s as a productive player. I’m not asking for Bonds, Aaron, or Jeter 30s. Just break all the Mets records and sail into the HOF. Please. Fonzie was my favorite player before Wright. I don’t want a repeat of that." -Zoddie