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Matt Harvey appears on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Mets ace brought the Daily Show host a personalized jersey and Stewart made sure that Harvey's elbow was safe and protected.

Pool/Getty Images

Mets ace Matt Harvey appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday night, bringing with him a personalized Stewart jersey donning the number 17 that appeared to be a bit large for the 5-foot-7 inch host. Stewart, an outspoken Mets fan, joked that with him leaving the Daily Show, the Mets and Harvey are all he has left. The two discussed a number of issues from Noah Syndergaard's home run to Jacob deGrom's hair style.

But the most fun part of the segment was when Harvey sat down at the desk. Stewart made sure that Harvey's highly-touted and surgically repaired right elbow was treated like royalty. The host gave Harvey a small pillow upon which to rest his elbow, along with two toy replica police barricades surrounding it.

Watch the full interview between Harvey and Stewart below: