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Mets injury update: David Wright gets epidural shot in back

The Mets' third baseman continues to recover from his ailing back, which most recently was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

After flying out to California to consult back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins, David Wright took an epidural injection of cortisone in his back.

Epidural shots like this one are more of wait and see approach, but according to Alderson, the Mets will have a clearer outlook after Wright sees a doctor next week, saying, "We'll have a better read at that point at his prognosis over the short term." Alderson didn't change his answer on Wright's immediate future, however, saying that there still is no timetable for the star third baseman's return to the team.

Wright will also be staying out in California for at least one more week. He's allowed to be a little more active than last week, but there are still side effects of the procedure like dizziness and discomfort that the Mets' captain will have to be aware of. Terry Collins was asked what he thought of the news, and he said he'd like to meet Wright out in San Diego when the Mets play the Padres next week.

"I know he's feeling a little better, what degree that is, I haven't been able to find out but I hope if he's still out there next week that he can get to San Diego. That'd be fun to have him come down and I think a lot of guys would like to have him in the clubhouse for a while."

Wright has been out since April 15 when he originally went down with a hamstring injury, but he's now recovering from—or, more specifically, learning to live with—spinal stenosis.