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2015 Mets: I don't know much, but I know I love you

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That may be all we need to know.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Step up to the Aaron Neville megaphone and belt out your favorite power ballad, my lovelies: The Mets were very good in April.

All right, so we’re about a month into the regular season. What do we know about the 2015 Mets? Truthfully, not much. A month of baseball doesn’t give us enough information to get an accurate, predictive read on a season. A month of baseball, in retrospect, can amount to little else than noisy variance: The worst team in the league can have a good month, and vice versa.

But a month of baseball is also nothing to scoff at. All 15 of the Mets’ April wins are "in the books," and all but one of them came at the expense of a division rival. Also, the Mets are clearly not the worst team in the division, let alone the league.

And that brings us back to square one: What can we expect of the Mets in May and beyond? It wouldn’t surprise me if they clunked out a bit and coughed up a sub-.500 May record. None of us wants that, but it underscores the significance of their April dominance: The Mets now have the luxury of absorbing a lull, should one occur over the next several weeks.

Right, yes, stay the course. Fred Wilpon wants meaningful games in September, not June—why else would he invest so handsomely in the Mets’ major league roster year in and year out?

Ah well, no one’s perfect. The 2015 Mets are far from perfect. But they might just be pretty darn good, thanks in no small part to a heady April.