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Bartolo Colon has a higher batting average than five Mets position players

The National League's winningest pitcher continues to turn heads at the plate

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Since signing with the Mets in 2014, Bartolo Colon's at-bats have become a national phenomenon. He has swung and, mostly, missed. He has lost his helmet. He has looked, for the most part, every bit like someone who pitched nearly his entire career in the American League.

But he has looked much better of late. Colon has picked up a hit in each of his last two starts, including an RBI double yesterday that helped propel the Mets past the Marlins . He has now raised his 2015 batting average to .143, significantly higher than the .032 mark he recorded last season. While that may not be a Ted Williams-esque batting average, Colon certainly seems to have improved at the plate. In fact, he actually has a higher batting average than five Mets position players do in 2015.

That's right. Bartolo Colon has posted a higher average this season than John Mayberry, Darrell Ceciliani, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Danny Muno, and Johnny Monell. While none of these players besides Mayberry have garnered significant playing time, it is still a little surprising for the historically inept Colon to be besting any position player in any positive statistical category, let alone five players.

Whether this statistic says more about the Mets' offensive struggles or Colon's newfound plate prowess, one thing is certain: Bartolo Colon's at-bats will continue to be must-see TV for every baseball fan in America.