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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 120: Too many e-mails (too many e-mails)

We can't just talk about the bad offense and six-man rotation, but thankfully the listeners came through. Maybe too much though.

Run Time: 1:42:44

In the "Greg Karam came back with Miller Lite tallboys" edition, Jeffrey and Steve (but not Greg) have a lot of e-mails to answer, so answer them we do. We cover all your trade scenarios (and a few TRAID scenarios), consider the Mets infield alignment, ponder Lucas Duda's platoon splits, and Jeffrey gets cranky about scouty stuff.  We also await our robot ump overlords and pick our favorite non-Met baseball teams. Then it is time for an IFK Goteborg update and a bit too much pro wrestling talk probably.

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Don't forget you can email the show at, and we'll be back next week when I guess we have to do a draft preview show?

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