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Terry Collins doesn't expect Mets' infield alignment to change

Wilmer Flores and Daniel Murphy will stay put defensively.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Even before David Wright's injury and many subsequent setbacks, the Mets' infield was a cause for concern. Could Lucas Duda replicate his breakout 2014 season? Could the Mets survive a double play combination of Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores? Will Flores ever really hit at the major league level?

Roughly one-third of the way through the season, some of those questions have been answered, while other questions have arisen. Duda has improved his offensive game to near-superstar levels. Murphy is in the midst of a classic Daniel Murphy hot streak, which has brought his numbers up to their career norms. Flores has hit for power, but he's struggled in most other facets of the game. But the injuries to Wright have have provided the biggest hurdle.

As unsurprising as Wright's trip to the disabled list might be—he has missed at least 25 games in four of the last five seasons—it has opened the door to one of the season's more positive developments: the recent rebirth of Ruben Tejada. The 25-year-old has hit .274/.357/.419 while spending time at second base, third base, and shortstop, starting each of the team's past four games at the hot corner. It's important to note that Tejada has accumulated these numbers over only 70 plate appearances, but it appears that he is the Mets' short-term replacement for their wounded captain.

To many, it would make a lot of sense to reshuffle the infield. Murphy's natural position is third base, and Tejada is a better defender at short than Flores. But, at least for now, Terry Collins doesn't wan't to do anything to disrupt his hot-hitting infielders. If it is revealed that Wright's injury will keep him from returning at any point in the near future, Collins has said that the team would revisit the topic. And Dilson Herrera will eventually return from a fractured finger, adding another option for the Mets in the infield.

Whether or not Wilmer Flores's defense is acceptable at short, as UZR suggests in a very small sample this year, the Mets appear to be favoring stability over ideal infield defense.