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Mets Player Performance Meter: Positions Players, Week 11

A review of the Mets' position players over the last seven days.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the Mets wanted to honor Daniel Murphy as his time on the disabled list with a quad injury continues. Infamous for his hot and cold streaks, Murphy typically ends up being a pretty good hitter by the end of each season, but the slumps are usually there. But the Mets' slump as a team over the past week was impressive in its thoroughness. Very few players were even decent for the week at the plate, and there were defensive miscues thrown in, too—more reason to make this feel like the New York Murphys.

For this week's meter, you're going to want to be familiar with wRC+ if you aren't already. For the uninitiated, it's basically this: 100 is league average. Anything above that ranges from decent to very good to excellent. Anything below it ranges from below average to really bad to terrible. Speaking of terrible:

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Eric Campbell, 3B He didn’t play much, but Campbell hit just .143/.143/.286. That’s not ideal and comes out to a 12 wRC+.
Darrell Ceciliani, OF Ceciliani hit .222/.222/.222, good for a 23 wRC+. This isn’t going to be a pretty meter.
Michael Cuddyer, LF It’s been a fairly long slump for Cuddyer now, and he hit just .136/.208/.182 for a 15 wRC+.
Travis d’Arnaud, C He didn’t exactly rake, but d’Arnaud hit a home run and had a 110 wRC+, and we’re pretty desperate for green arrows here, so this borderline call goes in his favor.
Lucas Duda, 1B Duda hit a home run, too, but he hit just .192/.276/.346 overall. That’s a far cry from the high standards he’s set this season. And for fun, that’s a 79 wRC+.
Wilmer Flores, SS Flores made a few mistakes in that field that could have been forgiven if he had hit, but he did not. With a .208/.200/.250 line, he had a 20 wRC+.
Curtis Granderson, RF Granderson hit a home run, but he did little else and had a 53 wRC+ for the week.
Dilson Herrera, 2B Of the regulars, Herrera was the worst with a -18 wRC+ for the week. Negative eighteen.
Juan Lagares, CF Lagares didn't quite look his excellent self in center and had a 48 wRC+.
John Mayberry Jr., OF Mayberry failed to reach base once in 11 plate appearances, which is a -100 wRC+.
Daniel Murphy, 2B/3B There had been some hope that Murphy would return from his quad injury on Tuesday. That’s not going to be the case, though.
Kevin Plawecki, C -- Plawecki hit .400/.500/.400 with a 169 wRC+ for the week. Hey, that’s good!
Ruben Tejada, 3B/SS He should probably actually being playing shortstop by now with Flores at third, but Tejada had a pretty good week with a 120 wRC+ at the plate. That plays at third or short.
David Wright, 3B Please get better soon.